Solidarity with BBWC Regarding Mazzoni Center

Black Lives Matter Philly stands in solidarity with the Black and Brown Worker’s Collective and the striking staff of the Mazzoni Center in calling for the resignation of the medical director, Dr. Robert Winn, who is currently under investigation by the Medical Board due to several allegations of sexual assault, and the CEO, Nurit Shein, who was aware of the alleged assaults and other complaints yet did nothing.

Earlier today, some staff members of the Mazzoni Center walked out in protest, and the Black and Brown Worker’s Collective rallied outside to press for the resignation of Dr. Winn and Nurit Shein.

We support the BBWC and the staff of the Mazzoni Center in their right to protest without fear of intimidation or retaliation by the Philadelphia Police or the leadership of the Mazzoni Center. The Mazzoni Center is tasked to provide quality health care and support to the community, especially our LGBTQ+ family, who already face oppression and violence simply by living in a violently homophobic and transphobic society. They should not be put in further danger by institutions that purport to be led by them for them. All medical professionals pledge to “do no harm” upon being admitted to the profession. Dr. Winn and Nurit Shein have broken that pledge and should resign from their positions so as to commit no further harm against our LGBTQ+ siblings.