In-Kind Donation

Thank you for your interest IN donating to BLM Philly!

We are so grateful for the number of people willing to donate their time and supplies to support the movement. Please fill out the form below with information about how you would like to support us. 


Want to donate special skills, masks, or tech equipment?

If you are looking for additional ways to help:

1. We absolutely need you to keep protesting and applying pressure so we can continue to prioritize our work in moving our city and country towards an abolitionist framework.

2. Protest indoors! Make it clear to Mayor Kenny, Council President Darrell L. Clarke and other Council Persons that they are to cease any plans to increase the police budget. Write Letters, Email, Faxes, IG, FB, & Tweet until there is no more digital ink!

3. If you would like to donate financially, do so here: Donate, Consider donating to these other organizations like Up Against The Law (, or Philadelphia Bail Fund (