Educational Justice

One of the primary ways BLM Philly interacts with the city is through working to increase education equity. There are four major ways that BLM Philly works towards the goals of educational equity.

The recruitment and retention of Black educators is vital in a school district like Philadelphia where over 50% of the student body population are Black students. As such, the Black Educators Fellowship began as a collaboration with MEC in 2019 to support the goal of retention of Black educators.

The first group of awardees were given awards in 2020.  The largest donor thus far in the history of BLM Philly donated $25,000 after hearing about the educationally focused work being done in the city.  BLM Philly has utilized this donation as well as other funds raised to support students and educators on an individual and a collective level. The Black Educators Fellowship supports teachers and paraprofessionals with micro grants to fund the work they do in their classrooms.  

In efforts to address student support, mentoring and intergenerational organizing as a base value for BLM Philly,  there is an ongoing relationship with the Philly Student Union. In addition, BLM Philly engages with students in classrooms across the city by providing culturally responsive lessons. 

BLM Philly has supported and organized with educators across Philadelphia and nationally for the Black Lives Matter at Schools Week of Action. During this time, The Racial Justice Organizing Committee co-organizes events and educational opportunities around the city. Black Lives Matter at School lifts up the 13 guiding principles of the national Black Lives Matter Network and works to increase student understanding of the Black Lives Matter movement.