Educators & Students March for Black Lives

July 12th

Sunday July 12th, educators and students marched in solidarity about the equity that needs to be installed in the Philadelphia school system to better serve educators and youths of color. Hundreds of supporters gathered at City Hall and continued on to the  Philadelphia School District administrative office at 440 N. Broad Street near Spring Garden where organizers of the action spoke on the issues facing black and brown youths and educators and their demands.

The action highlighted disparities in the Philadelphia school system like the–inability to integrate more African American educators in classrooms within the schools, bias by school personnel, safety issues among students, and lack of culturally relevant curriculum. Organizers demand  better funding methods in underfunded schools in communities with a majority of Black residents among many other demands in a city where Black youth have become collateral damage in a school system not designed to empower them. Here is the link to petition for the demands.

Hosted by Philadelphia Student Union,  Black Lives Matter Week of Action –  Philly,

Teacher Action Group – Philadelphia, Building Anti Racist White Educators, ParaPower, Racial Justice Organizing Committee, Melanated Educators Collective, Black Lives Matter Philly.